my 1st english letter


Letter from Egypt

Hi everyone, all my readers and friends! I write the letter in english 'cause I sit in internet-cafe, but there're no cyrillic keyboard so it happens to write on official international language! I tryed to write usin' simple words that U could understand me without smth labour. I like to relax and resronce there, and I don't want home, but already soon come to fly back 'cause I must work. I has quite little tanned. So I want to stay here else at least 2 weeks! But October 19, as U remember, I have meeting with fan-club, and this day I shall already be in Kiev. Well well, I don't know what I can else to write, well I'll already write to U the following message only wnen I'll arrive! Do Not long for. Best wishes, Ur's Oksana.

P.S. Sometimes I shall forward write to U in english - it is a very good drill of the knowledge of the language