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В колонках играет - Адаптация/Песни любви и протеста (2009)/В Шиферодвинске
"Ушёл из жизни Andre Hedrick. Человек, которого называют одним из определивших libata и в заметной мере открытость нынешних систем хранения данных, наложил на себя руки."
Andre was also mentally ill. Some of those hours spent on the phone with him were not geeky discussions, but me patiently listening to paranoid thoughts about kernel developer conspiracies, and even more patiently describing how he was simply misunderstanding and misapplying the development process and/or basic code details. Andre would receive engineering feedback on some of his changes, and wonder why the engineer reviewing his changes was conspiring to shoot down his obviously-needed changes. At some point, paranoia and mental illness makes you difficult to work with, which starts a nasty feedback loop feeding further paranoia and stress.
Perhaps it is the nature of intelligence itself, or just the nature of computer science, but our profession seems to have a higher than average rate of bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses."

"There is no computing project that is worth your life. Turn off the computer. Seek help. Get outside, enjoy the green grass, the birds in the trees. Talk to people you know. Talk to strangers!
Drive to Wisconsin, and find out whatever it is they do there. Build a treehouse. Park on a parkway and drive on a driveway. Make a macaroni necklace. Visit a dairy. Climb a rock. Seek life.

Life is so much more than code.

Rest in peace Andre,
Jeff Garzik
friend and libata author"