Голливуд прошлого века…..


Это цитата сообщения klassika Оригинальное сообщениеГолливуд прошлого века.....


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edebec37ba4e (100x100, 6Kb)edebec37ba4e (100x100, 6Kb)

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Art Hickman And His Orchestra *Look What You've Done To Me (Whith Earl Burtnett)*

Loretta Young (First National, Late 1920s).

defne41 (251x88, 8Kb)

Joan Crawford in "Rose-Marie" by Ruth Harriet Louise (MGM, 1928).

Jean Harlow Studio Portrait (MGM, 1928-29)

Clara Bow by Eugene Robert Richee (Paramount, 1920s)

Carole Lombard by Eugene Robert Richee (Paramount, 1935)

Dorothy Lamour (Paramount, 1930s)

Evelyn Venable (Paramount, 1930s).

June Collyer (Paramount, 1930s)

Lupe Velez (MGM, early 1930s).

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Louis Armstrong *When You're Smiling*

Carole Lombard (Paramount, 1937). Portrait Photo

Bette Davis by Elmer Fryer (Warner Brothers, 1938). Publicity Photo

Bette Davis (Warner Brothers, 1930s). Portrait Photo

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Твоя песнь чарует, танго

Carole Lombard (Paramount, 1930s). Eastman Kodak Nitrate Negative

Claudette Colbert (Paramount, 1930s).

Elissa Landi (Paramount, 1930s).

Ann Sothern by Ernest Bachrach (1936). Signed Portrait Photo

Jean Harlow by Pach Brothers Studio (MGM, 1930s)

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The Chordettes *Eddie My Love*

Clara Bow in "True to the Navy" (Paramount, 1930).

Loretta Young (Paramount, 1938)

Loretta Young (20th Century Fox, 1938)

Loretta Young (First National Pictures, 1931)

Jean Harlow by Russell Ball (MGM, 1935).

Rita Hayworth by A. L. "Whitey" Schafer (Columbia, 1939)

Bonita Granville in Nancy Drew -- Detective by Schuyler Crail (Warner Brothers, 1938)

Tallulah Bankhead (Lucas Pritchard Studio, Early 1930s)

Hedy Lamarr by Clarence Sinclair Bull (MGM, 1939)

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Louis Armstrong *Blueberry Hill*

Vivien Leigh in That Hamilton Woman (United Artists, 1941)

Lupe Velez by Ernest Bachrach (RKO, 1940)

Lucille Ball in Too Many Girls by Ernest A. Bachrach (RKO, 1940)

Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor & Greer Garson in When Ladies Meet (MGM, 1941).

Carole Lombard (Paramount). Contact Print Portrait Photo

Rita Hayworth (Columbia, 1940s).

Ann Sheridan (Warner Brothers). Restrike Portrait Photos

Ann Sheridan (Warner Brothers). Restrike Portrait Photos

Bette Davis in The Little Foxes (RKO, 1945).

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Jackie Wilson *Hush-A-Bye*

Rita Hayworth in My Gal Sal (Columbia, 1942)

Constance Moore (1940s).

Dorothy Lamour (Paramount, 1940s).

Dorothy Lamour (Paramount, 1940s).

Dorothy Lamour in "Aloma of the South Seas" (Paramount, 1941)

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Jackie Wilson *Only You, Only Me*

Paulette Goddard (Paramount, 1940s).

Rita Hayworth by Bob Landry (Columbia, 1941)

Rita Hayworth (Columbia, 1947)

Maria Montez in White Savage (Universal, 1943)

Maria Montez Lot (Universal, 1945-1947)

Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine in Suspicion (RKO, 1941)

Hedy Lamarr in Heavenly Body (MGM, 1944)

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Jackie Wilson *To Be Loved*

Ann Sothern by John Engstead (1950s). Portrait Photo

Marilyn Monroe in Asphalt Jungle (MGM, 1950)

Hedy Lamarr Lot (United Artists, 1947 & R-1960s)

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 (220x40, 4Kb)

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