I'm Sally or sometimes known as coke or even purpleprick :D

I'm generally a nice girl but I can be a moody cunt and all that.

       I hate school, i hate it how there is groups and i hate people who think

     they can control you because you don't have as many friends as them.

           I don't like the way i look either but not everyone can be pretty. I'm a Trash person

I can be loud though and i do talk and have opinions on things

      but really only when im comfortable with who i am with. I love fashion and shopping.

                                                                                               :D Erm i don't really know what to write about myself, kind've hard to..baii.                                                                                                          

I m from Russia but i live in UK

Its a so beautiful place

I have many friends but my best friend nd my wife is Stasy

And this is photo)))