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 Extreme tourism.

Everyone needs a holiday, and increasingly, people are trying to hold it abroad. Most choose the kind the country, with the Cote d'Azur, with warm water and hot sun. But there are those who quietly and do nege on shore, under the palm trees, prefer an extreme vacation.

It is drive, adrenaline, and a bridging element, new friends, mutual, new impressions, image and lifestyle ... Choosing a as the rest, one of extreme tourism, you should clearly realize that the part would have to abandon the usual comfort, but instead you get the most vivid impression that you will long to tell all their friends and acquaintances? 

Safety of tourists on routes provide experienced guides, which is mandatory. They are in most cases not only show the way and issue equipment, but also conduct training on safety, to monitor the situation at the time of the tour, prepare to fire the food and develop a camp.

Types of extreme tourism:

-Ground Tours 
-Mountain tourism 
-Air Travel 
-Exotic Travel

Boating tourism:

One of the most popular types of extreme tourism - diving, most popular in the South - East Asia. In countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, on almost any resort offers first class diving. Also superb diving in Cuba, Hawaii, and of course in Egypt.
This resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has become very popular among lovers of this type of recreation that can not afford to travel to more fashionable resorts. Underwater flora and fauna in the sea is so rich that you can stay under water for hours, and is always something new and interesting. The country has well developed infrastructure of schools diving into the week where you can learn this wisdom, as well as how much you want to make diving a tactful guidance of an experienced instructor. At the request of the tourists, the memory may be made for underwater photography.

This is a fascinating descent on a mountain river in a canoe or a raft of special. Rafting - One of the most visited tours, perfectly safe, even for the youngest visitors. In recent years, he is such a huge interest from fans of extreme rest, most suitable for the tourist mountain rivers have been developed by professionals, which now offers rafting tours nearly anywhere in the world. 
Rafto tours are mainly the following: travel on the day (from 60 up to $ 150) or half-day (around 25-75 $), and many trips. During the last tourists into remote corners of the mountains, with unspoiled nature, and break camp as the passage of the river and explore the wild around the neighborhood parks. The minimum value of the raft-round - from 1000-1500 $.

Mountain tourism:
Skiing and snowboarding.
Skiing one of the oldest types of active recreation. Since passage of years, the number wanting to drive on mountain skiing has not diminished but rather increased. Besides, now much better and more versatile ski service than 10 years ago, not to mention the 80's, 70-s. Almost anywhere there is a downhill ski resort, both for professionals and for beginners. Which are bound to learn to ride the local instructors.
Snowboarding - descend on the snow from the mountain slopes in a specially-equipped board. It is more aggressive, active and extreme form, rather than downhill skiing. Snowboarding as a sport has started in America in the 60-ies of the XX century.

Exotic Travel:
Jailoo tourism. This is one of the kinds of exotic adventure holiday - the life in the primeval tribe with all the charm of a nomadic way of life. This exciting form of tourism is developing in the high mountain pastures of Kyrgyzstan. A sleep on the floor yurta shepherds near the smoky fireplace, fresh lamb and kumys, as well as Upper walks in the mountains and pastures. A wonderful opportunity to relax from the big city.

Space tourism. The most expensive and perhaps the most exotic kind of extreme tourism - traveling to orbit the Earth. As long as space tourists can be counted on the fingers - an American millionaire Dennis Tito and South African citizen Mark Shattlvord. The first week's stay at the International Space Station were in the 20 millions, the second - in the 25 millions to start later in the ISS group was preparing a soloist N'Sync Lance Bass, but not because of wealth in the financing of its launch has not taken place. However, "Rosaviakosmos" argue that in the future will be able to reduce the cost of rounds and was pleased to take the application for space journey of any citizen of the Earth. 
But after the collapse of the famous "Shuttle", sending tourists into space has stopped indefinitely.

Everyone chooses for themselves exactly what feels appropriate. Nevertheless, an increasing number of people choosing it adventure tourism